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Why you shouldn't use Instagram Bot in 2023

Instagram Bot

What is an Instagram bot anyway?

An Instagram bot is a software or automated tool designed to perform various actions on Instagram on behalf of a user. These bots can mimic human interactions by automatically liking, commenting, following, unfollowing, and performing other activities on Instagram. Their primary purpose is to increase engagement, gain more followers, and automate tasks for account management.

Instagram bots typically work by utilizing algorithms and predefined settings to perform actions. For example, a bot might target specific hashtags or accounts to engage with, follow users based on certain criteria, or leave generic comments on posts. Some bots also claim to offer features like scheduling posts or providing analytics.


Violation of Instagram's Terms of Service

Bots are against Instagram’s terms of service, and using them can result in penalties, restrictions, or even a permanent ban of your account.


Negative impact on engagement

Bots often generate generic interactions that can be perceived as inauthentic, leading to a decrease in the quality of engagement on your account.


Risk to your reputation

Using bots can harm your reputation and credibility, as users may view it as an attempt to artificially inflate your engagement or follower count.


Inability to target the right audience

Bots lack the ability to accurately target your specific audience, resulting in a low-quality follower base and limited meaningful interactions.


Lack of customization and control

Bots operate based on predefined settings, limiting your control over their actions and their ability to adapt to changing circumstances or algorithm updates.

The good news

(Almost) everything that a bot does can of course also be done manually. The advantage is that you always have full control over your account. The disadvantage is that the whole thing eats up a lot of time and you often don’t really know which action brings how much. If you don’t want to spend hours every day giving out likes and follows, Socialmonk is for you. We will handle the processing of your account. It is important to have a sustainable and authentic Instagram strategy based on genuine interaction and quality content. By organically engaging with your target audience and delivering quality content, you can achieve long-term results and build a real community.