Instagram verification

From user to influencer: learn how to get verified on Instagram

Instagram verification

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You want to be verified on Instagram and benefit from the many advantages that verification brings? In this article, you’ll learn how to get the coveted blue tick on your Instagram profile. We will look at the steps you need to take to apply for verification and the benefits you can enjoy once you have been successfully verified.

How do you get verified on Instagram?


Build a strong presence

To increase your chances of getting verified on Instagram, it’s important to build a strong presence. Regularly post high-quality content that’s relevant to your niche or brand. Engage actively with your audience and cultivate an engaged following.

Meet the verification criteria

Instagram has established specific criteria for verification. You need to meet these criteria to be considered for verification. This includes having a significant number of followers, maintaining an authentic account, and being a well-known individual or brand.


Maintain an authentic image

To enhance your chances of getting verified, it’s crucial to maintain an authentic image. Use a clear profile name and a profile picture that reflects your identity or brand. Fill out your bio with relevant information and include links to other official accounts or websites.

Follow Instagram's community guidelines

Instagram has clear community guidelines and terms of use that you must adhere to. Respect these guidelines to ensure that your account meets the requirements. Avoid spam, inappropriate content, or copyright violations.

Request verification

Once you’ve fulfilled all the requirements, you can request verification. Access your account settings, look for the “Verification” option, and follow the instructions. Carefully fill out the verification request form and provide all the necessary information to confirm your identity and authenticity.

What are the benefits of Instagram verification?


Credibility and trust

The blue verification tick indicates to users that your account is authentic and trustworthy. This boosts the trust of your followers and potential partners.


Increased visibility

Verified accounts are highlighted in search results, leading to greater visibility and reach. You can reach a larger audience and attract new followers.


Access to exclusive features

Instagram offers exclusive features to verified accounts, such as swipe-up links in stories, the ability to sell products through the Shop Tab, and participation in advertising programs.


Protection against impersonation

Verification protects your account from impersonation and counterfeit profiles. Users can be confident that they are interacting with the genuine account.


Collaboration opportunities

Verified accounts have better chances of collaborating with brands and companies. Your credibility and reach make you more appealing to potential partners.


Professional image

Verification gives your account a professional image, which is particularly important if you’re an influencer or entrepreneur on Instagram.


Competitive advantage

In today’s influencer landscape, Instagram verification can provide a significant competitive advantage. You stand out from the crowd and gain a unique positioning.


Instagram verification offers numerous benefits. By building a strong presence, meeting the verification criteria, maintaining an authentic image, and following Instagram’s community guidelines, you can increase your chances of getting verified. Once verified, you’ll enjoy increased credibility, visibility, access to exclusive features, protection against impersonation, collaboration opportunities, a professional image, and a competitive edge. Make the most of these advantages to expand your presence on Instagram and achieve your goals.