10 tips for a successful Instagram account

How is success defined on Instagram? By pure number of followers, likes, reach, interaction or conversion rate? Of course, everyone has to answer this question for himself. In the long run, it makes more sense to have 1.000 followers interacting with me than 100.000 followers, of whom I only get a Like from time to time. So you should always ask yourself in advance what you really want. Do you primarily want a large number of followers or rather a well thought-out target group of followers who interact with me or my brand?

1. Content is King!

Content is king! Post good pictures regularly. At best at least 3 posts a week. This point is by far the most important. Hardly anyone will want to follow a profile with few pictures or videos, irregular updates and content that is not meaningful or not interesting. Put yourself in your target group and find out which content is optimal.

2. Building a community

Find your fans! This point is about the fact that building a loyal community will always bring more than having X thousand random followers. Share with your followers and find out what moves them and why they follow you. Comment and like posts from your target group!

3. Find your own style

This point is often underestimated. If you don't want the millionth interchangeable intsagram profile, you should think about this point. What is the subject of your account? You can assume that there is already a profile for most topics. Therefore, by now you can say the more specific the better. For example, instead of opening an account for the topic "Dogs" you could open an account with the topic "Golden Retriever Puppies". Here your future followers would know exactly what to expect. Now you should think about what picture style your profile should have. Colorful or black and white? Minimalistic or cozy? From now on, your visual language should at best always be uniform, so that your recognition value increases and your profile looks harmonious.

4. Get inspired

You can usually assume that similar profiles already exist for your area, topic, brand or even your private account. That's ok too, you don't have to reinvent the wheel. On the contrary, get inspired and search for the corresponding hashtags and blogs. See how these profiles interact with their followers. What and how often do they post? What visual language is used? Which hashtags are used?

5. Post high-quality content

This can be very time-consuming, but it's even more important: make sure you make an effort when creating your photos. Whether you use a smartphone or a reflex camera is less important, it's the result that counts.

6. Sensible use of hashtags

New followers usually get attention to your posts via hashtag search. Therefore you should think carefully about what terms you want to use to label your photo. Here it depends more on the quality and not the quantity. There are many helpful tools for hashtag research.

7. Pay attention to the timing of your post

Find out when is the best time for your mail. In general, most people are online between 18 and 21 in the evening. However, of course this is not a general rule and varies depending on the topic. In business profiles you can even see when your followers are online in the settings. Use this tool!

8. Use other profiles

More and more often large accounts offer the possibility to upload pictures in their profiles. Find out who the big players in your niche are and simply write to them. Initiative is also needed here.

9. Participation in challenges

Instagram, for example, creates its own weekly challenges. I'm sure there's a challenge for your niche as well. Participating in it will definitely lead to more attention for your profile and can't hurt.

10. Call to Action

This may not sound brand new by now, but it still works. We have received feedback from numerous customers that posts with call-to-action - i.e. a request for a specific action - lead to more interaction. What should your followers do other than look at the post? Comment on it? Donate? shop? Write it under your posts. Examples: "What is your experience with XY?", "Comment now to enter the competition" or "Go to the website".